Frequently Asked Questions

Plus some questions that we've actually never been asked.
Who delivers my food?

Our restaurant partners do! By having restaurants deliver the food in batches, we can provide a cheaper service to both you and the restaurants. Plus, that means your order is supporting a local restaurant employee.

How are you better for restaurants?

Other delivery services charge as much as 30% in fees to restaurants. We only charge our local restaurant partners 10%, which means that restaurants can actually make a profit on your order!

How do you make money if it's free for me?

We charge our restaurant partners 10% on your order — that's it. We are proud of being fully transparent about our low fees for local restaurants and strive to be a trusted partner to them. By delivering orders in batches, we can provide a service that actually works for everyone. We will never charge you a dime — just pay the restaurant menu price.

Could you bring your service to my location?

Thanks for being excited about Oasis. We'd love to expand — please let us know where you'd like to see us go to next.

Wait, so the delivery is actually free? What's the catch?

Yes, it's free! There is no catch — you just pay the restaurant menu price. We know it's annoying that other services charge you a confusing combination of higher menu prices, a service fee, and a delivery fee. By batching deliveries, we can deliver it to you for free (other delivery services charge you fees of 50% or more).

How do I know when my meal arrives?

You will get a notification over text when your food is on the way and as soon as your food arrives!

Where do I pick up my food? How will I find it?

Contactless delivery means we try to minimize contact between you and your delivery person as much as possible. You can pick up your order from the front desk in your lobby or wherever your building receives food delivery today. If you have special delivery instructions, you can let us know at checkout. Your name will be on the receipt attached to your bag. Enjoy!

Can you please add my favorite restaurant?

We love suggestions of potential local restaurant partners! Please let us know what restaurants you'd like to see, and we'll reach out to them about a partnership. And by the way, nice manners! No one ever says please with the FAQ guy...

Will my food be delivered according to food safety protocols?

Yes! We take the threat posed by COVID-19 seriously, and so do our restaurant partners. Your food will be prepared and delivered with gloves and masks on, and your order pickup will be contactless.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

No — treat yourself! Feel free to order only a Diet Coke if that's all you want. Or order for your whole family! Although only a Diet Coke would be kind of a weird move. At least go with the regular Coke if that's all you're getting.

Can I order in advance?

Yes, our local restaurant partners love that! Feel free to order up to a week in advance.

What do I do if my order is incorrect?

Sorry — we know that's annoying. Please contact us and we will fix the situation ASAP.